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In Korea, 1 – Visiting homeland

October 11, 2010

On the way to Korea:

     It takes about almost a day, – 21 hours to 24 hour depending how smooth the flight goes.  There is no direct airline from Florida to Korea, so I have to wait at the Hartford airport in Atlanta for 3 -4 hours, transferring from Delta to Korean air.  Anyway, just thinking of  the process to Korea makes me exhausted. 

     However, once you are in the process, you actually don’t feel that bad than you think.  The flight from Atlanta was

departed 12: 30 in the morning, – insane hour, wasn’t it?  but, on the other hand, we can just sleep, at least 4,5 hours.

     I had the Bibimbob as a meal in the plane, – so cute and tasty, and a couple of snack times, watching movies, little sleep with tormenting position, etc.  Finally, arrived at the Inchon airport 4:30 in the morning after 14& 1/2 hours of flighting,  mammamia !!!

Bibimbob, sea weed soup,fruit cocktail, drinks. very nutritious and yummy.

egg omulet for breakfast was my choice. yogurt, muffin, fruits, and coffee.

rice porridge ( 죽) was another korean breakfast menu, - my next passenger's choice.

Korean Thanksgiving Day:
     Sep. 22 was the thanksgiving day in Korea this year, Aug. 15 by the moon calendar.  It is one of the biggest holiday.  People are celebrating  their harvest, and thanks to god and their ancestors.  Most families visit their ancestors’ grave side,  reminiscent the deceased family members, sharing food at there.  People think the deceased souls come down and eat food together.  This is the time that everything is abundant, and everybody is happy.
     I was so happy to see all my family in Korea on Thanksgiving day.  We all gathered in grandma’s house, – eating, talking, laughing, counting each other’s wrinkles, sharing happiness, and many many more.
     Grandma is too old to cooking and handling all the work, so she hired a chef for dinner at that day.  unfortunately, I was unable to take some pictures for traditional Korean thanksgiving dinner, because the chef just made a modern course meal for dinner, not the traditional one.
     Korean eats rice cake called SONG PYUN (송편)  at that day.  When I was a kid, all my family gathered, and made SongPyun the night before the thanksgiving day.  My grandma said, if you make it pretty, you’ll have a beautiful daughter in your future.  That ‘s true.  I got coco girl, right?
     Anyway, I felt like I was a kid again, – so warm, so cozy with them, and with so familiar atmosphere.  So good to be in my homeland.  I know there are so many “so” word.-  very emotional, and touching.

rice cakes & traditional korean cookies, all made w/ natural ingredients. so preeety, and so delicious.

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