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In Korea,2 – Visiting Buddhist temple, BongEun Sa

October 16, 2010

     Temple is usually located in the secular area, like deep mountains.  But the BongEun Temple (sa) is in the busiest city called SamSung Dong in GangNam.  It has been built 1,200 years ago in the Unified Shilla dynasty.  The traditional Korean architect surrounding  modern high – rise building is undeniably charming.  Even though, it is in the city, still gives me so much comfort and peace.   Because of the location, there’s more foreign visitors than Koreans, – surrounding by coex convention center, the trade building, department store and hotels, etc.

                 The entrance of the BongEun Temple.  It was a beautiful autumn day !

      The autumn flowers, different colors of chrysanthemum, are decorated on the way to the DaeWoongJun (대웅전), the main temple, and is the center of all religious activities.   DaeWoong ( meaning ” big hero” ) is another name for Buddha.

          I used think that the reason of the peaceful image of temple is because the location resigned in a quiet mountain.  Today, I realized that the meaning of the Buddha in temple makes people calm and comforting, not the location.

        The painted ceiling of each prayer’s room.  It has been maintained the originality as much as possible.  It’s all painted by hand from a long time ago, and there is a Buddha’s statue  down from the brown wall painting. 

So impressed by the detail and sincere work with all their mind.  Buddha said only mind exist, nothing else.

The statue of Buddha and his followers next to him, but he said the real Buddha is in your mind.

rock tower built by visitors, hoping their wishes come true.

Granite statue called Mi Reuk Dae Bul, is the largest statue in Korea, 26-meters high, people come to pray at the square.

       It doesn’t matter what your religion is.  We are all God’s children.  That’s why Jesus told us to love each others, and forgive your enemy no matter what, and Buddha said merciful to others, because they are not strangers, we are all one mind,  we are the Buddha. 
      What a happy day in a beautiful autumn day !!!
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