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In Korea,3 – Tree lined Strip in Sinsa Dong

October 19, 2010

     There are more than 100 ginkgo trees lined both sides of  the road.  It reminds me of Soho – like atmosphere in New York city.   Tiny, but unique stores are lined with trees thru 1/2 mile long.  I found that most store’s owners are the real designer for their items in their store, – fashion designer for clothing store, industrial art designer for accessory shop, leather designers, galleries, cozy restaurants and coffee shops, etc.

       It was an awesome day dating with my best friend, in a fine fall day, at the fantastic place.  Talking, shopping, having coffee, eating , doing many, many things that when we were young, and single in Korea.-  so warm and comfy feeling.

       One shot in front of the strip.  You can see the ginkgo trees and the shops side of the road.  Oop?  I didn’t know I was in front of the Starbucks,  it’s everywhere I go. 

      I and JinWoo, my friend, went into a cozy coffee shop, it’s like european style cafe.  nice, umm?

I sat at the terrace table, looking people walking by, feeling clean breeze.

creamy cappuccino and a slice of cheese cake, yum-yum-yum.

      Small but cute and fancy stores draw my eyes, making me think of my coco girl.

The owner's creations. there's no same item as what's in that store.

tiny but gorgious.


a Korean style chiness restaurnat. delicious !


"School food" is name of the restaurant, because the menu used to eat when we were in school.

shrimp fried rice, and spicy combo set ( white rice cake, Korean sausage, fish cake) and a cool beer.

Gallery and another coffee shop across the street from wherer I sat for cappuccino.

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