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In Korea 4 – Tour to East coast side

November 23, 2010


 Korea’s east side is connected to Pacific Ocean.  It is called East Ocean near the Korea side. 

It’s very famous for clean water and beautiful landscape.  Personally, it was my honeymoon course 30 years ago.

We went up to Sok Cho, 38 military divided line between south and north Korea, the city started with people who were from north Korea on Korean war 1950.  They were run away for democracy, but miss their hometown, so settled as close as possible.  Therefore, visitors can taste the authentic north side of Korean food .

Because it’s ocean area, sea foods are everywhere, – fresh one, dried one for souvenir, and restaurants, etc.

a little up north, 38 line near the DMZ ( de-military zone) area. divided line between south and north Korea.


Grilled seafood by charcoal. so fresh and so fun to eat. Grilling now.


Grilling now.


the statue called HaRuBang (하루방), symbol of protection looks good with tree and water.

The east ocean side is one of  the favorable places for wedding and vacation.  There are many attractive areas for couples and families. 

The condo named "sol beach" - staying by rent, or own membership.

Hotel next to Sol beach. famous wedding place.


Take a picture under the heart shape tree, corny but cute!

  Me and my friends got on a boat called “Get Bae (갯배)”.  The residents use the boat for fast transportation, not for crossing from land to land.  Water is floating in middle of the land, so people use the boat,( more like a floating board ) to  go the other side without detouring the road.  The boards are connected by chain from each side, so moving by pulling the chain by hand. 

transportation by a small floating board for crossing about 5,6 yards distance for fun.

moving the floating board (갯배) by pulling the chain manually.


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