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Painting 1.2

January 17, 2011

  Hi, Annie.  I’ve started painting ( again), and finished 2 so far.  1 is scene from “Sand Key Park” in clearwater, and the other is ” Garden of Royal Palace” called CHANG KYUNG GOONG in Seoul, Korea.  I hope these painting would help you feel better, and get well from flu immediately.

The painting size of Park is 24×36, and the royal palace is 18×24.

As you can see, the oil isn’t completely dry, yet,  so I put 2 pictures from taking  different angle.  You remember the park, right?  Me and dad’s one of favorite place.  We cross the bridge in the painting to come to the park,  dad used to fishing behind the hill, I read the cooking book ( so funny), eat sandwich, and a cup of coffee taste was incredible in there.  This picture was taken 7.8years ago, when the park has been developed.  So there is no more rock debris like painting, and everything is well settled now, but I like this look also.  By the way, all those rocks are in front of the water, so people can seat, and fishing, and anything you want.

And another is autumn in Seoul, Korea.  Me and my friends visited one of royal palace in Lee Dynasty.  I used to go there for field trip when I was in elementary school.  It has been changed a lot, and well reserved.  I felt like I was in little kid again.  This is first painting, and there will be second one coming out from the garden of palace.  Taking picture is so different than taking foods.  The real painting looks much better than this one, I think.( HO HO)

Annie, enjoy the painting, and I’ll send you next one as soon as I finish it.

Always take good care of yourself, for you and for me.  I love you, soooo… much.

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