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Bean paste Stew with Tofu

May 31, 2011

1. Ingredients:

  • tofu, 1/2 pack                                                                                 – bean paste, 2 Tbs.
  • onion, 1/2, med- size                                                                  – hot pepper paste, 1Tb
  • zucchini, 1/2                                                                                   – vegetable broth, 2c
  • carrot,1/4                                                                                          ( chicken broth is good, 
  • mushrooms (표고버섯), any kind.                                                  but veggies for more clean taste.)
  • clam (바지락), 2Tbs                                                                                                                                                 
  • 3 scallion
  • 2.3 garlic
  • 1 Tb. oil

* If you don’t like the spiciness, put more bean paste, instead of hot pepper paste.

* Don’t use salt. use bean paste for controlling the saltness.

2. direction:

  • cut all the ingredients bite size, and mince the garlic.








in a large pot, saute the veggies, garlic w/ oil for 2.3 min.

dissolve the 2 pastes in the broth, add to the pot immediately.


add the tofu &clams when the broth is boiled. cook for 7.8 min.



add chopped scallion on top, then off the heat.


transfer the stew into a ceramic pot (뚝배기), serve w/ rice& kimchi.

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