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Bean paste Stew with Tofu

May 31, 2011

1. Ingredients:

  • tofu, 1/2 pack                                                                                 – bean paste, 2 Tbs.
  • onion, 1/2, med- size                                                                  – hot pepper paste, 1Tb
  • zucchini, 1/2                                                                                   – vegetable broth, 2c
  • carrot,1/4                                                                                          ( chicken broth is good, 
  • mushrooms (표고버섯), any kind.                                                  but veggies for more clean taste.)
  • clam (바지락), 2Tbs                                                                                                                                                 
  • 3 scallion
  • 2.3 garlic
  • 1 Tb. oil

* If you don’t like the spiciness, put more bean paste, instead of hot pepper paste.

* Don’t use salt. use bean paste for controlling the saltness.

2. direction:

  • cut all the ingredients bite size, and mince the garlic.








in a large pot, saute the veggies, garlic w/ oil for 2.3 min.

dissolve the 2 pastes in the broth, add to the pot immediately.


add the tofu &clams when the broth is boiled. cook for 7.8 min.



add chopped scallion on top, then off the heat.


transfer the stew into a ceramic pot (뚝배기), serve w/ rice& kimchi.


Spicy Chicken stew (찜)

May 24, 2011

1. Ingredients : 



  • 2 chicken breasts, cut length-wise
  • bean sprouts, handful
  • 1/4 cabbage
  • 1 small onion
  • 3 scallions, 2″ cut diagonally
  • 1tb. corn starch, dissolved w/2tb. stock, or water

2. Sauce:

  • 4 tb. soy sauce,  1tb.sugar, 1tb.corn syrup, pepper powder, 2tb. spicy paste (고추장),

   wine vinegar, 2clove garlics, pinch of black pepper, salt (optional).- mix to combine.

           – – – If, you don’t want too spicy, reduce the amout of paste and control the taste w/ salt.

3. Direction:

sprinkle salt, black pepper, white wine.( ginger juice, optional) for 30.min






saute in hi-temp.w/ olive oil. brown them both side. move the chicken to a plate.



in a same pot, put the bean sprouts& other veggies, add the spicy sauce, cook for 4.5 min.


add the chicken, mix well. add starch water.- controlling the thickness.


heat off, then add scallion, mix together.


4. Serve :  move to a big plate, w/ rice .

Painting 1.2

January 17, 2011

  Hi, Annie.  I’ve started painting ( again), and finished 2 so far.  1 is scene from “Sand Key Park” in clearwater, and the other is ” Garden of Royal Palace” called CHANG KYUNG GOONG in Seoul, Korea.  I hope these painting would help you feel better, and get well from flu immediately.

The painting size of Park is 24×36, and the royal palace is 18×24.

As you can see, the oil isn’t completely dry, yet,  so I put 2 pictures from taking  different angle.  You remember the park, right?  Me and dad’s one of favorite place.  We cross the bridge in the painting to come to the park,  dad used to fishing behind the hill, I read the cooking book ( so funny), eat sandwich, and a cup of coffee taste was incredible in there.  This picture was taken 7.8years ago, when the park has been developed.  So there is no more rock debris like painting, and everything is well settled now, but I like this look also.  By the way, all those rocks are in front of the water, so people can seat, and fishing, and anything you want.

And another is autumn in Seoul, Korea.  Me and my friends visited one of royal palace in Lee Dynasty.  I used to go there for field trip when I was in elementary school.  It has been changed a lot, and well reserved.  I felt like I was in little kid again.  This is first painting, and there will be second one coming out from the garden of palace.  Taking picture is so different than taking foods.  The real painting looks much better than this one, I think.( HO HO)

Annie, enjoy the painting, and I’ll send you next one as soon as I finish it.

Always take good care of yourself, for you and for me.  I love you, soooo… much.

In Korea 4 – Tour to East coast side

November 23, 2010


 Korea’s east side is connected to Pacific Ocean.  It is called East Ocean near the Korea side. 

It’s very famous for clean water and beautiful landscape.  Personally, it was my honeymoon course 30 years ago.

We went up to Sok Cho, 38 military divided line between south and north Korea, the city started with people who were from north Korea on Korean war 1950.  They were run away for democracy, but miss their hometown, so settled as close as possible.  Therefore, visitors can taste the authentic north side of Korean food .

Because it’s ocean area, sea foods are everywhere, – fresh one, dried one for souvenir, and restaurants, etc.

a little up north, 38 line near the DMZ ( de-military zone) area. divided line between south and north Korea.


Grilled seafood by charcoal. so fresh and so fun to eat. Grilling now.


Grilling now.


the statue called HaRuBang (하루방), symbol of protection looks good with tree and water.

The east ocean side is one of  the favorable places for wedding and vacation.  There are many attractive areas for couples and families. 

The condo named "sol beach" - staying by rent, or own membership.

Hotel next to Sol beach. famous wedding place.


Take a picture under the heart shape tree, corny but cute!

  Me and my friends got on a boat called “Get Bae (갯배)”.  The residents use the boat for fast transportation, not for crossing from land to land.  Water is floating in middle of the land, so people use the boat,( more like a floating board ) to  go the other side without detouring the road.  The boards are connected by chain from each side, so moving by pulling the chain by hand. 

transportation by a small floating board for crossing about 5,6 yards distance for fun.

moving the floating board (갯배) by pulling the chain manually.



In Korea,3 – Tree lined Strip in Sinsa Dong

October 19, 2010

     There are more than 100 ginkgo trees lined both sides of  the road.  It reminds me of Soho – like atmosphere in New York city.   Tiny, but unique stores are lined with trees thru 1/2 mile long.  I found that most store’s owners are the real designer for their items in their store, – fashion designer for clothing store, industrial art designer for accessory shop, leather designers, galleries, cozy restaurants and coffee shops, etc.

       It was an awesome day dating with my best friend, in a fine fall day, at the fantastic place.  Talking, shopping, having coffee, eating , doing many, many things that when we were young, and single in Korea.-  so warm and comfy feeling.

       One shot in front of the strip.  You can see the ginkgo trees and the shops side of the road.  Oop?  I didn’t know I was in front of the Starbucks,  it’s everywhere I go. 

      I and JinWoo, my friend, went into a cozy coffee shop, it’s like european style cafe.  nice, umm?

I sat at the terrace table, looking people walking by, feeling clean breeze.

creamy cappuccino and a slice of cheese cake, yum-yum-yum.

      Small but cute and fancy stores draw my eyes, making me think of my coco girl.

The owner's creations. there's no same item as what's in that store.

tiny but gorgious.


a Korean style chiness restaurnat. delicious !


"School food" is name of the restaurant, because the menu used to eat when we were in school.

shrimp fried rice, and spicy combo set ( white rice cake, Korean sausage, fish cake) and a cool beer.

Gallery and another coffee shop across the street from wherer I sat for cappuccino.

In Korea,2 – Visiting Buddhist temple, BongEun Sa

October 16, 2010

     Temple is usually located in the secular area, like deep mountains.  But the BongEun Temple (sa) is in the busiest city called SamSung Dong in GangNam.  It has been built 1,200 years ago in the Unified Shilla dynasty.  The traditional Korean architect surrounding  modern high – rise building is undeniably charming.  Even though, it is in the city, still gives me so much comfort and peace.   Because of the location, there’s more foreign visitors than Koreans, – surrounding by coex convention center, the trade building, department store and hotels, etc.

                 The entrance of the BongEun Temple.  It was a beautiful autumn day !

      The autumn flowers, different colors of chrysanthemum, are decorated on the way to the DaeWoongJun (대웅전), the main temple, and is the center of all religious activities.   DaeWoong ( meaning ” big hero” ) is another name for Buddha.

          I used think that the reason of the peaceful image of temple is because the location resigned in a quiet mountain.  Today, I realized that the meaning of the Buddha in temple makes people calm and comforting, not the location.

        The painted ceiling of each prayer’s room.  It has been maintained the originality as much as possible.  It’s all painted by hand from a long time ago, and there is a Buddha’s statue  down from the brown wall painting. 

So impressed by the detail and sincere work with all their mind.  Buddha said only mind exist, nothing else.

The statue of Buddha and his followers next to him, but he said the real Buddha is in your mind.

rock tower built by visitors, hoping their wishes come true.

Granite statue called Mi Reuk Dae Bul, is the largest statue in Korea, 26-meters high, people come to pray at the square.

       It doesn’t matter what your religion is.  We are all God’s children.  That’s why Jesus told us to love each others, and forgive your enemy no matter what, and Buddha said merciful to others, because they are not strangers, we are all one mind,  we are the Buddha. 
      What a happy day in a beautiful autumn day !!!

In Korea, 1 – Visiting homeland

October 11, 2010

On the way to Korea:

     It takes about almost a day, – 21 hours to 24 hour depending how smooth the flight goes.  There is no direct airline from Florida to Korea, so I have to wait at the Hartford airport in Atlanta for 3 -4 hours, transferring from Delta to Korean air.  Anyway, just thinking of  the process to Korea makes me exhausted. 

     However, once you are in the process, you actually don’t feel that bad than you think.  The flight from Atlanta was

departed 12: 30 in the morning, – insane hour, wasn’t it?  but, on the other hand, we can just sleep, at least 4,5 hours.

     I had the Bibimbob as a meal in the plane, – so cute and tasty, and a couple of snack times, watching movies, little sleep with tormenting position, etc.  Finally, arrived at the Inchon airport 4:30 in the morning after 14& 1/2 hours of flighting,  mammamia !!!

Bibimbob, sea weed soup,fruit cocktail, drinks. very nutritious and yummy.

egg omulet for breakfast was my choice. yogurt, muffin, fruits, and coffee.

rice porridge ( 죽) was another korean breakfast menu, - my next passenger's choice.

Korean Thanksgiving Day:
     Sep. 22 was the thanksgiving day in Korea this year, Aug. 15 by the moon calendar.  It is one of the biggest holiday.  People are celebrating  their harvest, and thanks to god and their ancestors.  Most families visit their ancestors’ grave side,  reminiscent the deceased family members, sharing food at there.  People think the deceased souls come down and eat food together.  This is the time that everything is abundant, and everybody is happy.
     I was so happy to see all my family in Korea on Thanksgiving day.  We all gathered in grandma’s house, – eating, talking, laughing, counting each other’s wrinkles, sharing happiness, and many many more.
     Grandma is too old to cooking and handling all the work, so she hired a chef for dinner at that day.  unfortunately, I was unable to take some pictures for traditional Korean thanksgiving dinner, because the chef just made a modern course meal for dinner, not the traditional one.
     Korean eats rice cake called SONG PYUN (송편)  at that day.  When I was a kid, all my family gathered, and made SongPyun the night before the thanksgiving day.  My grandma said, if you make it pretty, you’ll have a beautiful daughter in your future.  That ‘s true.  I got coco girl, right?
     Anyway, I felt like I was a kid again, – so warm, so cozy with them, and with so familiar atmosphere.  So good to be in my homeland.  I know there are so many “so” word.-  very emotional, and touching.

rice cakes & traditional korean cookies, all made w/ natural ingredients. so preeety, and so delicious.